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Who am I?

My name is Harsh Paranjape (web designer in pune). I hail from the city of Pune (IT hub in India). I have a postgraduate degree in web designing, digital marketing & analytical chemistry as well. I have worked with many brands to grow business. Having primarily worked in the service sector, with a large share going to SMEs, I’ve always been passionate about understanding and working with clients at a personal level.

My Mission

My main mission is to provide a customized and user-friendly online presence for every business owner, big or small. And we understood the value and importance of that, during COVID. Through website design, Social media marketing, search engine optimization or any of my other services, My main goal is to increase traffic to your online presence and website which would then increase relevant leads for your business.

What I Do

WPHarsh | best web designer in pune

Why Choose Me?

Unlike any agency, I am a freelance web designer who will help your brand as if it is my own. I understand your goals and work accordingly. As there is no one to blame on the team like agencies, I am always there to answer your questions. As I am working individually, I will give my 101% focus to your brand and your project will be my priority. 

To get businesses online in order to compete in today’s world with the best quality websites that look good, are user friendly, and target your niche. Thus ensuring online presence for your business from the start.

I am a person that loves to hear input and feedback from my clients, which means you don’t have to email me and wait for days to hear back, just pick up the phone and call me to have a chat and I will be happy to talk through any concerns. Great communication is KEY for me!

Starting a website or creating online presence is just a first step of many. I will guide you to achieve results through your online presence so that you can make 100% out of it.

I am not just here to provide web design for your brand. I am here to provide valuable input to your business to increase your business through an online presence.

As I own many businesses and worked with so many brands, I have a vast amount of experience in different fields that will surely help you to achieve something remarkable in your field.

My Portfolio

I am specialized in creating responsive websites that look good across multiple devices. My goal is to create a fast, secure, and SEO-optimized website that will increase your reach. I have worked for a variety of business owners. I have also created some web designs for specific businesses so that you can choose your web design easily.

Would you like to create a website for business?

Let’s grow your business online and convert online visitors into customers! 

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