Catchyt Website Case Study

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Truth is, there’s never been a better time to start an eCommerce business.

According to Business Projections, the number of online shoppers around the world will reach an estimated 2.18 billion by 2022 – a more than 35% increase from 1.66 billion in 2018. For eCommerce businesses, this figure is more than exciting. With so many platforms, software, and devices at your disposal, reaching and engaging with consumers has never been easier.


Catchyt – The World’s First Online Cricket Merchandise Store. Catchyt brings iconic moments from the cricket field to life through their products such as posters, frames, t-shirts, and mugs so that fellow fans of this gentleman’s game can relive and cherish their favorite memories.

I worked with Catchyt. to develop a visually stunning and technically functional e-commerce website focused primarily on mobile responsiveness, smooth product ordering experience, hassle-free payment process, and most importantly, a user-friendly website.


Catchyt wants to sell their amazing cricket-related products online, so they were looking for an online platform so that they can sell their products all over the world through an e-commerce website. They also wanted a coupon system so that their selected customers can apply a discount on particular products. I carried out a detailed study, thorough understanding, and brainstorming session with the client to design a stellar website that will be high performing, easy to navigate, well-integrated, and visually pleasing. It was a truly collaborative process, both within me and with the client. I gave them a “start project” form to understand their requirement in detail. Take a look at the objectives I have set for them-

1) Online store.
2) Clean but attractive storefront.
3) Displaying various product catalogs they offer like t-shirts, posters, frames, and mugs.
4) Displaying all the information about a product along with their special attributes like sizes and colors.
5) Mobile-friendly design so that anyone can easily navigate through the online shop.
6) Online Payment Gateway.
7) Social media feed.
8) Local search engine optimization.
9) Google registration service to rank top in search results.
10) Hassel free checkout process to get all the necessary information required to ship the product.


Research and thorough study make a good strategy. And a good strategy translates into a stunning website. I carried out a detailed study and research to understand the customer journey, site map, and purchase journey of customers. I laid out a strong strategy to make the website more engaging, efficient, intuitive, and seamless. I also researched other websites in their field. I also studied who is their direct competitor and how can I serve my client to beat the competition. My other main focus was to implement a simple yet powerful payment gateway process that enables visitors of the website to purchase items more easily. Before this project, I worked with Catchyt to provide them with a top-quality logo design along with other stationery materials such as letterhead design, Instagram post design, and visiting card design. Catchyt had a very comprehensive brand guide that clearly defined the logo usage, fonts, and color palette I needed to adhere to. Applying their brand guidelines to the website design is a must so that all can go hand in hand.

Website Building

I incorporated my research, strategy, experience, expertise, and client feedback to create an extraordinary website. The website was created on the WordPress platform. I have implemented a well-structured design, that had proper architecture, and is easy to navigate. The wide catalog was well put in. It had become easier to find and locate the desired package and services. There were CTAs added at all the right places. User flows were optimized. Well-defined sections for descriptions, features, and filters were added. The layout, content, and visual strategy made the website more engaging, efficient, and effective. With wpharsh their side, Catchyt had a marvelous website ready to achieve their desired ambitions.

Test & Launch

With the site designed and developed, the next step in the process is to test. With so many complexities in the site build, it was incredibly important to do exhaustive testing. I along with the clients ran through every imaginable scenario to make sure the site was functioning correctly on every device. The most important component of this was double-checking the user database import to ensure all of the buttons, links, and contact forms are functioning perfectly. After taking the final nod from the client Catchyt. I launched the website and connected the website with the domain and server.


My skill, expertise, experience, attention to the needs of the client, and the work ethos of providing and suggesting only the best translated into a beautiful result. An industry-perfect e-commerce website was ready to boost the business of my client and realize its vision. After the new Catchyt site went live, all their customers, friends, and families gave beautiful reviews about the aesthetically pleasing design and very easy-to-use online purchase functionality. Team Catchyt was thrilled with the launch of their new e-commerce website. Now they not only have a more attractive online store but also have a scalable platform that will help them to deliver their products to customers more efficiently. Creating an eCommerce website takes lots of planning and patience. If you are looking for an e-commerce website or want to sell your products/services through an online store then contact me for a stunning e-commerce website.

So to start your website and grow your business online, contact me for a free quotation today! There is never too late in doing the right things.

Catchyt Website Case Study

Catchyt Website Case Study